"Clear vision is about focusing on the things you love"

Dr Naing Latt Tint
PhD FRCOphth

clear vision to see your family
clear vision for playing golf
clear vision as you get older

"Clear vision is about focusing on the things
you love"

Dr Naing Latt Tint
PhD FRCOphth

"Clear vision is about focusing on the things
you love"

Dr Naing Latt Tint
PhD FRCOphth

Clear vision is about focusing on the things you love

Dr Naing Latt Tint
PhD FRCOphth


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Bringing technology, innovation
& precision into focus

Dr Naing Latt Tint is a Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon at the Princess Alexandra Eye Pavilion, Edinburgh specialising in Cornea, Cataract and Refractive Surgery working at the forefront of technology and innovation in vision correction and he loves what he does.

Highly regarded for his meticulous approach, Dr Tint's career is hallmarked by outstanding surgical safety and quality results.  His patients are always satisfied to the highest degree and have included Television and Radio personalities, Business Leaders, and Academics; as well as Key Workers and Medical professionals including Ophthalmic Surgeons and their families.

Edinburgh Surgery

Dr Tint specialises in all areas of corneal diseases & vision corrective surgery

  • Customised Cataract Surgery
  • Lens Replacement Surgery
  • Phakic Lens Replacement
  • Keratoconus Treatment
  • Corneal Transplantation
  • Premium & Advance technology Intraocular Lenses
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Safety and Outcomes

  • Performs over 500 cataract and lens procedures annually and has an excellent surgical safety profile.​
  • Cataract surgery complication rate is less than 0.5% with the UK national rate being 2%.​
  • Over 99% of patients achieve UK legal driving limit or betterwithout spectacles*.


  • Full time NHS Consultant at the Princess Alexandra Eye Pavilion.
  • Treated medical tourists from the USA, Ghana, Cyprus, Azerbaijan, Qatar, and the UAE.
  • Senior Lecturer at the University of Edinburgh.​
  • Regularly lectures in the UK
    and abroad.

Pioneer & Innovator

  • First surgeon in Scotland to undertake DMEK  corneal transplantation.​
  • First in Scotland to implant the Eyhance intraocular lens
  • First Surgeon in Edinburgh to implant the Symfony Extended Depth of Focus lens.


  • Daily teaching and mentoring of trainee eye surgeons and medical students.​
  • Lead surgeon for surgical simulator training in NHS Lothian
  • ​Member of the Royal College of Ophthalmologists cataract surgery training faculty.

*Private patients where all lens choices are available and there are no other eye diseases that can affect the vision.